This Spring, We’ll Wear Pants Under Everything

by Nylon

If you’ve been participating in any New York Fashion Week activities, you’ve more than likely been subjected to the heat wave, excessive sweating and the general feeling of overall grossness. The sweltering heat and rising temperatures—despite fall being here basically tomorrow—did not make dressing up for street-style photographers (which involves layering things) an easy feat.

While slowly fading away in a pool of my own sweat at each show and presentation, I did notice one trend, in particular, popping up all over the place: pants as an undergarment. I’m talking trousers, jeans and all that’s in between layered under sheer skirts, thrown underneath basic T-shirt dresses, even peeking out of full-length gowns.

The sight of this made me sweat even more. So many layers. So much trapped humidity. I cringed at the idea. However, I reminded myself of the fact that this heat wave is almost over for good (until next year) and decided that I will definitely be on board with this trend come the cool, early spring days.

Click through the gallery here to see our favorite pants-under-anything-and-everything action from NYFW so far.