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by The Zoe Report

Today marks the start of a new year, which for me translates to 365 days full of stylish adventures. One of my resolutions is to keep a journal of them, and I want to challenge you all to do the same. Find a notebook you really love, like Hermes Leather Ulysses MM Agenda, and get to writing!

With rich leather binding, available in 6 eye-catching colors, and bright white soft paper, this journal is beautiful enough to make you want to put down your Blackberry. Don’t forget a single special moment in 2010, but let Hermes remember them for you. Record all of your unique experiences, travels and outfits on its alluring pages, and you will reminisce about them for years to come. Now jot this down…handwriting is the new texting. xoRZ

P.S. A pretty notebook is also the perfect place to paste inspiring magazine cut-outs and photos—why not make a fashionable collage?

Availability: Hermes Ulysses MM Agenda ($255) and paper refills ($55). For additional retailer information, visit Hermes.com.