The One Piece Of Jewelry To Wear Based On Your Personality

We like to believe every little bit helps, which translates to—amongst other things—adding a green juice to our diet and wearing positively charged jewelry. We sat down with Jacquie Aiche, LA-based jewelry designer, celebrity favorite and proponent of spirituality to get the lowdown on what to wear, when. Whether you’re a fiery personality or a total introvert, heed this advice before you purchase your next bauble and it might make all the difference.

Jacquie Aiche

Interview With Jacquie Aiche

What first convinced you of the properties of stones? Why?

"All ancient cultures and major religions throughout the world share the same common belief in the protective and healing powers of amulets and spiritual jewelry. That is why I have always employed those principles in my designs."

What are the most common misinterpretations about stones' properties?

"That they are just pretty rocks. Each precious gemstone, crystal, mineral, fossil or amulet has its own individual nature and properties. When worn as jewelry—touching your skin, it is not only a beautiful adornment that heightens the feminine mystique. It also imbues the wearer with its positive energy. You select stones for their powers of joy, protection, happiness, peace and harmony, self-confidence, true love and healing. That is really what my jewelry is all about."

Interview With Jacquie Aiche

Do you think this is an LA-based phenomenon? Why or why not?

"I find rock collectors everywhere I go—it is definitely a world-wide phenomenon. In my search for unique stones and as I speak to more and more women who are excited about this aspect of my jewelry, I meet people in every country who understand the powers of nature these materials hold and that knowledge is rapidly growing as more and more people connect with spirituality."

Jacquie Aiche

Interview With Jacquie Aiche

For someone who is skeptical, what would you tell them?

"Connecting more with Mother Nature and your own spirituality naturally makes you more aware of the unseen mysteries of life. I believe the individual nature of a stone or amulet must speak directly to the woman who wears it, capturing her unique mood and essence. When you find a piece of natural jewelry that resonates with you, research the meaning of the stone or gem you have selected. It will surprise you to learn that the force of nature you have just been drawn to…is exactly the one you need."

Opal—If You Are A Creature Of Habit

"Opal is the fire of the human spirit. It keeps our passions and creativity burning."

Labradorite—If You're Too Carefree

"Labradorite is a powerful protector. It strengthens intuition and raises consciousness."

Lapis—If You're A Know-It-All

"Lapis enhances intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, wisdom, and memory."

Rutilated Quartz—If You're Moody

"Rutilated Quartz gets energy moving on all levels. Its energizing properties help to return slowed chakras to a normal balance."

Chrysocolla—If You're An Introvert

"Chrysocolla is the stone of communication. It’s devoted to expression, teaching, and revealing our highest knowledge to empower others."

Sunstone—If You're A Debbie Downer

"Sunstone has a strong solar energy that embodies the warmth of the sun. It is a gemstone of optimism that aids joy and positivity."