3 Foolproof Outfit Formulas We’re Wearing All Winter Long

by Coveteur
Vioncenzo Grillo

While most people turn to style icons and celebrities for outfit inspiration, we tend to look toward our peers—fellow fashion and beauty editors. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but the reality is they know everything that’s out there, and what they choose to wear is a pretty good indicator of what’s worth buying. As Cosmopolitan.com’s beauty director, Carly Cardellino has a closet that proves she knows a lot about style (exhibit A: She has an ability to seamlessly pair H&M with Céline). Carly’s wardrobe makes putting together outfits incredibly easy, which is a skill we clearly admire. When we took a look at the photos we shot of her closet, we noticed she’d come up with three foolproof outfit formulas we want to live in all winter. Think the ’70s, the fluffiest coats ever and tons of blazers.

Le Specs

A '70s Throwback Is The Best Kind Of Throwback

Most of us are drawn to the ’70s because everyone looked so effortless back then—like they just rolled out of bed with shaggy hair and tinted aviators. Carly helps us appreciate the ease of the era even more. A pair of tinted sunglasses plus a great knit (preferably striped) plus gold pants or skirt? Outfit gold. For all three outfits, check out the full article on Coveteur.