Keep It Clean

by The Zoe Report

I first stumbled upon The Laundress when someone passed along their Fabric Fresh Spray to me—life changing! Ever since, I have one-by-one incorporated many of their products into my home. This includes the latest expansion to their line: environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, particularly The Laundress’ All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate.

Proving that even chores can be glamorous, this non-toxic soap is infused with refreshing scents of lavender and thyme that will leave any space spotless and smelling a-mah-zing. You can use it on literally every surface from your kitchen tiles to the bathroom sink for an all-around pristine finish…all without exposing your skin and eyes to harmful chemicals. I genuinely get excited to clean because of this stuff…! Try it out and add The Laundress’ Scented Vinegar and Dish Detergent to your cleaning pail while you’re at it. xoRZ

Availability: The Laundress: Home Cleaning All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate ($15). Now through 4/21 receive 15% off your order from Thelaundress.com when you enter promo code “Zoe” at checkout.