The Cool-Girl Way To Wear This Tricky Print

Let’s be honest leopard print is, at best, tricky. (Truth be told, we primarily associate it with The Real Housewives of New Jersey which is to say it’s not exactly a becoming look.) But then Riccardo Tisci turned out a collection of achingly cool leopard-print pieces for Givenchy and we were forced to re-evaluate. We noticed a few things about his collection that made the print look cool again. Firstly, none of them were skintight, in fact they boasted interesting silhouettes and unexpected flounces and cutouts. Secondly, they were rendered in unusual colorways like mint green and dusty pink. Lastly, the fabrics were either lightweight or substantially hefty, with nary a stretchy nylon in sight. We have rounded up similar pieces that buck the stereotype of leopard print for the same reasons. Pair yours as Givenchy does, with crisp, indigo denim and a moderate heel for a decidedly cool-girl spin.

Photo Courtesy of Givenchy