The $50 J.Crew Shorts I’m Buying In Every Color For Summer Quarantine

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These $50 bottoms from J.Crew are the best shorts for summer, according to TZR's shopping news edito...
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After a permanent move to working from home in 2019, I felt like I'd perfected my winter quarantine look by the time COVID-19 forced the world inside until further notice. I knew which pants struck the right balance between comfy and professional, which sweaters looked good in Zoom calls and kept me warm in my drafty house, and which sweats passed as stylish enough. But when temperatures started to rise, I felt lost about what pieces to turn to in my wardrobe. Essentially, I needed to find the best shorts for summer quarantine to replace all the warm, comfortable bottoms I'd been living in — a pair that were roomy, polished, and breezy, all at the same time. For someone who hates shorts, it was a daunting feat.

Until, during a particularly good sale at J.Crew, I stumbled upon a best-selling pair. At first glance, admittedly, I wasn't head over heels — they seemed like perfectly nice shorts, if slightly boring. But after further investigation, I realized they checked all my boxes for the perfect summer quarantine shorts — they're made of a linen-blend fabric, so they won't get too hot; they're basically sweats, but look professional enough for virtual meetings; and they have an elastic waistband, which is necessary when you spend most of your day hunched over your laptop on the couch. Plus, they ring in at just under $50 (not to mention, J.Crew has frequent, great sales) and come in a wide range of colors.

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The best part? I can basically style them with every kind of top, blouse, and knit in my closet, so I'm able to wear them every day, for all kinds of occasions. Ahead, three of my favorite ways to style them.

Date Night (In The Backyard)

Even if I'm not going anywhere, I still like to get a little dressed up on weekend nights spent with my husband. However, that doesn't mean I'm throwing on anything uncomfortable to hang around the house; instead, I pair these shorts with a polished blouse and fun (but flat) shoes for a date-night look that still works for couch hangs.

Morning Walk

Since the only time I truly get out of the house is for grocery shopping now, my morning (and evening) walks have become an important part of my day. When it's cool enough to wear something other than workout clothing, I love to throw on these shorts (in a darker color, because I'm still never not sweating) with a tank and cute sneakers for a low-key but relatively put-together look.


The temperature in my house is all over the place, which requires quite a mixture of seasons in my outfits. Since my legs don't get as cold when my AC is out of control, I opt for my J.Crew shorts on the bottom and add a t-shirt and a cozy cardigan for layering. A pair of plush socks makes the cozy-cute 'fit complete.

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