Wall Of Fame

by The Zoe Report

If you are in need of inspiration to give your home a little makeover, look no further than Swarovski Elements’ Wallpaper Collection. As luxe as you can imagine, this polished paper is adorned with the most exquisite of crystals, ready to fancifully update your pad—or any space—to per-fec-tion! What room do you dream of putting it in?

Devised by distinguished wallpaper designer, Karen Beauchamp, in collaboration with the Swarovski Elements in-house design team, this collection is lit-er-a-lly a work of art. Offered in eleven different styles—which range in rich textiles from velvet flock to cashmere and metallic leather—each material is destined to exalt any wall space to its highest potential. Is your place crying out for a facelift? Then devour Swarovski Elements’ Wallpaper Collection in full, narrow down your favorite motif and pick a room to revamp! xoRZ

Availability: Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection (price available upon request). For retailer information, visit Swarovski-elements.com.

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