Which Jeans Are Right For Your Body Type? We Asked The Experts

While we try to keep our collection edited, the reality is we’re total jean freaks. From on-trend cuts to vintage finds to modern interpretations of classic silhouettes, truly amazing denim is out there for the taking this season. To help us nail down the key qualities to look for, we enlisted Jane Bishop and Florence Kane of Jean Stories—who were just tapped for an exclusive collab with Levi’s—for their expert advice. Ahead, they share their tips for finding the right pair for your body type.

Adam Katz Sinding

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"If you have a boyish figure, you could go one of two ways—with it or against it. Jeans that are slouchier, with long rises, like these MM6 Maison Margiela jeans, hang nicely on bodies that have straight hips and thighs, emphasizing a boyish shape. However, if you want to give yourself some oomph, try AMO's Babe style. It's sort of like a [Levi's] 501—it gives women with fewer curves (like Jane) a bit of roundness. Jane loves it!"

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MM6 Maison Margiela Jeans, $445

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AMO Babe Jeans, $260


"Levi's 721 was Jane's pick for our collaboration with the brand because it looks so good on women who are petite. A high rise gives length to legs. Also, fitted skinnier styles are often better for petite women—who wants to look like she's being swallowed by her clothes? A good fit is especially important if you're small, as you want to wear pieces that show you have a shape."

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Levi's 721 High Rise Skinny x Jean Stories, $250


"Lucky you, tall women: You're a perfect fit for the 711 skinny from the Levi's x Jean Stories collaboration. The let-out hem makes it tricky to shorten (sorry, petite gals) but looks amazing cropped. So if your inseam is 32 inches or longer, they'll look great on you. Also, next season you get to wear the long, '90s-inspired raver/skater jeans that came down the Spring 2016 runways (see Chanel, Off-White and Stella McCartney). We envy you!"

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Levi's 711 Skinny x Jean Stories, $250


"Boot cuts are back, and they're great for women with curves. Our favorite is the DL1961 Elodie Instasculpt. It hugs and holds. It has a mid rise, which feels great around the waist, and if you're wider in the hips, a boot cut really helps to balance proportions."

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DL1961 Elodie Instasculpt Boot Cut Jeans, $178