How The Most Stylish Women Around The Globe Dress For Work

When it comes to workwear fashion, there’s a notable difference in what’s trending depending on what you do and where you live. While personal style—and season—naturally inform one’s office attire, stylish women around the globe gravitate toward a dress code unique to their particular influences. We find immense inspiration in this phenomenon, especially when we’re at odds with what to wear for our own 9 to 5. Ahead, an examination of amazingly chic women in Italy, France, England and the US—plus how to perfect your own workday look.

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Work Style Around The Globe

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Italian women take a fairly formal approach to workwear. Donning feminine silhouettes in bold patterns, eye-catching hues and structural elements, these gals are pros at mastering proportions and pattern play with elegance.

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Forever envied for their innate sense of cool, French women know all about ease of dressing, even for the office. Tending toward tailored separates, neutral tones and classic accessories, they inspire a laid-back approach to polish.

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The Brits never disappoint on inspired style, imbuing propriety with an eccentric twist. With a penchant for ladylike dresses, frilled tops and quirky accessories, their work style is dignified yet playful.

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United States

Sportswear-chic is a largely appreciated uniform here. Whether in graphic black and white or all-American denim, these ladies exude sleek simplicity via a myriad of silhouettes, from tucked in and tailored to a bit undone.

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