How To Style Your Bridesmaid Dress

We are in the thick of wedding season and therefore feel there is no better time to discuss how to navigate the treacherous waters of being a bridesmaid. Specifically, how to make your bridesmaid dress look good. Whether you have been given a vague decree “something green” or a pantone swatch and a list of SKUs, the primary goal is to keep the bride happy, with maintaining your dignity following a close second. We tapped Kellee Khalil Founder and CEO of Loverly—the genius app that makes planning a wedding from your computer an efficient and, dare we say it, enjoyable process—to share tips on styling your ensemble. Watch her tips here and shop the looks below.

Rules To Remember: 1. Within your assigned shade, opt for a silhouette that flatters you in a playful fabric and add individuality with makeup. 2. If you have to wear a color you feel uncomfortable with, make sure to keep you hair, makeup and accessories minimal. 3. With sexy styles, use underpinnings like fashion tape to keep you in place. 4. If you are wearing a print, stand out with your lip color and accessories. 5. For beach or lawn weddings, delicate flat sandals are a great footwear option. 6. For formal events, keep your jewelry and makeup classic.

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