I Found The Best White T-Shirt In The World And It Costs Only $8

A white T-shirt is arguably the most versatile wardrobe staple a woman can own. It serves as a blank canvas for any outfit, and though it can be dressed up in endless ways, it always adds a stroke of effortlessness. Finding the perfect one, however, is the challenge. Despite the garment’s apparent simplicity, one must take into consideration the variety of fabrics and cuts on offer (and ensure the price is right, of course). So when I stumbled across this elusive trifecta in the middle of Zara, I knew my search was over.

For $8, it is without a doubt the best purchase I’ve ever made. At that price, it’s easily replaceable, but it doesn’t actually need to be. Despite (probably) hundreds of washes, it’s still intact and incredibly soft to the touch. It’s always been opaque enough to wear with just a nude bra underneath but sheer enough to wear with a black bralette for a subtle, flirty look. I’ve worn it to work, to bed, on weekends and on dates. I have it in multiple sizes for a fitted or boyfriend style. I have it in multiple colors, including several whites (just in case one is in the laundry). It’s legitimately gotten to the point where I have to limit myself to wearing it two times a week. The best part? Zara’s had it in stock for years, rotating various colors and patterns while always carrying tried-and-true white. Stock up on it yourself here.

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