Mean Girls: What the Plastics Would Love from the Spring 2016 Shows

Y’all know what today is, right? October 3! Happy Mean Girls Day! Can you believe it’s been 11 years since Regina George first told Gretchen Weiners to “stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen”?! Bad news for Gretchen: “Fetch” never did happen. But we’re still obsessed with Cady Heron and the gang—so obsessed that we’ve been thinking, What would the Plastics have loved from the Spring 2016 shows? Check out our best guesses above, and then get in, loser, we’re going shopping!

Paramount Pictures

If the Plastics had attended the Spring 2016 fashion weeks, we bet Regina would have had a front row seat with Gretchen right behind her in row 2; Karen would have hooked up with a photographer, and Cady would be backstage, pulling all the strings.

But what would have they have pulled from the collections...

Regina George

Regina George was all about that pink on Wednesdays, so we see her scooping up this pastel Tibi frock faster than you can say, "Is butter a carb?"

Gretchen Weiners

Gretchen loved nothing more than a crop top and skirt combo. We think she could totally make this Jeremy Scott look happen—especially with Gigi Hadid's bouffant and a big pair of white-gold hoops.

Cady Heron

Cady would definitely identify with Versace's safari-inspired collection for Spring 2016. This jacket looks like a chicer version of something her parents would have picked up for her on one of their research trips.

Karen Smith

Let's be clear: Karen was not a slut. She was, however, gifted in the art of weather forecasting, so this Burberry Prorsum trench would be totally necessary.