7 Tricks Busy Girls Swear By When Getting Dressed In The Morning

There’s nothing worse than hitting snooze five times and scrambling to run out the door for work in ten minutes. If you’re anything like us, this morning race to the office is becoming somewhat of a habit, and frankly we are sick of it. We’re ready to take back our mornings and genuinely be prepared and polished when we officially clock in—if for no other reason but to feel fresh and don an outfit we’re actually happy with (as opposed to some mediocre getup we hastily throw on). Ahead, seven tips to follow if you never want to feel rushed again.

Vanessa Jackman

On The Go

Take a look at your calendar and see what you have going on the next day. Do you have an important meeting with executives? Post-work drinks penciled in? This way, you'll be prepared and know how to dress appropriately for what you have scheduled—whether you need to appear more polished with a blazer or opt for heels in lieu of flats to take you from day to night.

Checking the weather app is a smart move so you can plan your outfit accordingly. All white won't work in a monsoon, and neither will a nubby sweater for an 80-degree forecast. This helps you easily avoid any sartorial regrets—trust us.

Selecting your outfit the night before is a massive time-saver and stress reliever. After reviewing your schedule and the weather, choose all the pieces you'll wear, down to the shoes. Lay them out nicely to see what the entire ensemble will look like and so it's easy for you to grab and throw on in the morning. For fresh work outfit ideas, peek here.

Group jewelry, sunglasses, watches and other small accoutrements by style and weight. They'll be easy to see and select once you're dressed.

It's easy to forget something when you're hastily packing in the morning. Thus, make sure your essentials are ready to roll, all neatly loaded in your work bag and purse. This includes your wallet, notebook, charger, dry snacks and makeup. Keep carryalls by the door so they're the last things you pick up before you're off for the day.

The morning isn't the time for 15-minute face masks and multiple treatments. Reserve those for nighttime so you don't waste any time (they're most optimal during your beauty sleep, anyway). Keep products minimal with a go-to moisturizer, eye cream and SPF.

Your makeup routine should be as streamlined as your morning skincare regimen. A natural base, brows, mascara and a wash of lip color is all you need. Stash them in a compact pouch and throw it in your work bag for touch-ups when needed.