Special Edition: For The Fellows

by The Zoe Report

Day in and out, we receive countless e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages regarding one very special topic: menswear! Obviously, we would never turn a deaf ear to our fabulous audience, so to address the subject manner in a big way we compiled today’s guide of 20 dapper essentials For The Fellows.

With a focus on of-the-moment looks, this handsome assortment is the road map to creating an enviable menswear wardrobe from fall to winter. Whether you’re aiming to scoop up something fab for your boyfriend, brother or dad—it’s never too soon to be thinking about holiday gifts!—we are confident you will find that snazzy something here. Maybe a cool leather jacket, checkered scarf or statement watch? We love! At the very least, it may not be a bad idea to pass this guide along to the stylish—or, not-so-stylish—gentlemen in your life to give them a helping hand. Hats off to the fellows!

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