How To Look Glamorous In A Suit

Only time will tell whether glamorous evening suits will become a big fall 2014 trend but, either way, we’re putting our stamp of approval on these looks from Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu‘s shows. They demonstrate how glamorous a suiting look can be with just a few simple styling tips and tricks. The major takeaways:

Rule 1. Invest time and money in fit. No matter the cut or season, a suit has to fit beautifully in order for it to look glamorous. Even if you don’t go for a full-on wide-leg pant, some fluidity is always necessary. A suit should never be skin tight!

Rule 2. Look for tuxedo touches. We loved the satin accents on Prabal Gurung’s cranberry-hued suit and the way Jason Wu incorporated shine through a glamorous grey coat. Look for similar silky details or add-ons to ensure your suit doesn’t read as interview attire.


Rule 3. Pair with an ultra-thin turtleneck. Amp up the Katharine Hepburn-factor by wearing an ultra-thin turtleneck in a coordinating hue underneath your suit. It’s much sexier and more sophisticated than any traditional cami or button-down shirt.

Rule 4. Go all-out with glam accessories. The quickest way to make a suit work for evening is to switch out the accessories. Glamorous sandals, a faux fur wrap and a few stunning jewels will add a femininity and flash in an instant.


Rule 5. Finish with strong hair and makeup. Whether you go for high-shine hair, strong brows or a bold lip, a super-modern hair and makeup look will bring your outfit to the next level. When in doubt, take a page from the runway and pair glowy skin with stick-straight, smooth hair.