Airport Style Essentials

Battling the throngs of travelers during holiday season is enough to make even the most professional flier anxious. Thankfully, a little planning goes a long way towards creating a seamless travel experience, making it well worth the effort. Here, the things you should wear and carry-on for a stylish trip to the airport and beyond.

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What To Wear

Breeze through security with slip-on boots and easy-to-stash accessories like a beanie and scarf. Stay comfortable and chic in neutral staples like this slouchy sweater, soft tee and stretchy suede leggings.

What To Pack In Your Carryon

Alongside healthy snacks and water, make sure you have an eye mask, noise-cancelling headphones and an easy-to-find passport case to get you through the flight in style. In the event of misplaced luggage, keep deodorant wipes, a travel toothbrush, underwear and a portable phone-charger in your tote. Never deplane without a swipe of lipstick and statement sunglasses.