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The Going-Out Top Is Officially Back & All The Best Ones Are Strapless

Free your arms, free your mind.

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Angela Gonzalez in Paris with strapless denim top and chanel crossbody
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More than skinny jeans, side-parts, and posing for photos with elbow akimbo, nothing speaks to my millennial heart like a good old-fashioned “going-out top.” If you’re anything like me, a section of your closet is dedicated to the slinky camis and V-neck blouses of yesteryear (i.e. like 2013) — but even I must admit the new, Gen Z-beloved version of the the look might actually be the trend’s coolest iteration ever. Strapless tops in all their forms — tube, bustier, bandage, scarf, whatever — take all the sultry fun of a nighttime classic and freshen it up with interesting silhouettes, prints, and daring fabrics. I can’t quite bring myself to get on the “fun pants” wave that Zoomers seem to love for a drinks meet-up, but this seems like a more than acceptable compromise.

Of course, much of the strapless top trend in general owes its life to the Bridgerton boom and the mass obsession with corsets that came with it. There’s no denying a structured, boned bustier-style garment is incredibly cool when paired with jeans, but there are plenty of other possibilities for décolletage-baring shirts that don’t feel straight out of a period piece. My favorite options cover every possible aesthetic and mood: something sweet, something business-like, something even made of latex. (IMO, if you don’t have at least one top in you closet Julia Fox would steal, it’s time to reconsider your entire evening wardrobe).

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