Leave It To Stella McCartney To Make Grape Leather Look So Luxe

The designer has partnered with Veuve Clicquot on eco-friendly faux leather accessories.

courtesy of Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney Veuve Clicquot Bag
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It’s pretty much a given that anything you buy from Stella McCartney will be made from sustainable and animal-friendly materials. A pioneer in the vegan fashion space years before the idea of being “green” or “plant-based” was considered cool, the designer has truly mastered the art of buttery faux hide that feels like the real thing. But that doesn’t mean she’s not open to tweaking her signature formula. To wit, the British creative has recently partnered with Veuve Clicquot on a series of leather alternative pieces made from the iconic champagne label’s byproducts from harvest called VEGEA. And let us be the first to say: The partnership is a match made in luxury accessories heaven.

Including revamped bucket-shaped versions of McCartney’s popular Frayme bag, updated Elyse platform sandals (which also incorporate a recycled cork sole), and — of course — a very deluxe holder for a bottle of bubbly, the 6-piece capsule collection features material made from manually collected grape stems. These are sourced from the eco-certified Grand Cru vineyard of Bouzy in the Champange region of France, where it is grown by way of regenerative practices that aim to restore local biodiversity and maintain soil heath. But, of course, if the fancy press release speak isn’t enough to sell you, perhaps the idea of telling people your cute bag and shoes are made from fancy French fruit might... doesn’t it sound exclusive?

courtesy of Stella McCartney

Honestly, it kind of is. The innovative range just launched today, which both means that hardly anyone will have it yet and the clock is now ticking toward it selling out. Scroll down to shop TZR’s favorite pieces while you still can, and visit Stellamccartney.com to learn more about the collaboration.