2014 Golden Globes: Red Carpet Secrets From Rachel Zoe Studio

As if a brand-new bundle of joy and a swiftly-approaching fashion show wasn’t enough excitement for one office, this month marks the start of the 2014 awards season — and boy, does Rachel Zoe Studio (the styling arm of our glam-obsessed HQ) have some maj dresses, jewels and heels in store for the red carpet. Here, they share a glimpse of what went into getting several clients ready for last night’s Golden Globes.

Before The Show

"Bring it on, Golden Globes. We are ready for you! On average, we pull about two dozen dress options for our clients before settling on the perfect one."

Ready For Anything

"You'd be amazed how many obstacles there are in finding the perfect shoe. We come prepared with plenty of options for every client."

Jewels Upon Jewels

"We say, wear it all! We keep trays and trays of jewelry on hand for infinite styling options."

Sofia Plays Hostess

"Not a green juice in sight in Sofia Vergara's kitchen on Globes day. Usually, we prep our clients for a red carpet event in their own homes. It's easier on everyone that way."

Glam With Joey

"Charlotte Tilbury, Lorac and MAC, oh my! Joey preps Molly Sims for the after-parties. Hair and makeup concepts are discussed beforehand but most of the decision-making happens that morning."

Family Fun Time

"Getting ready for a red carpet event takes all day. It's not all business though; we still have plenty of time to goof around and have fun."

Pile It On

"A big night out calls for over-the-top jewels. Believe it or not, we make the final styling decisions about five minutes before our client walks out of the door."

Stand Tall

"Every client has their preferences and Sofia Vergara is all about the super-tall platform heels for a big night out. A girl after our own heart."

All About Glitz

"We loved the jeweled neckline on this dress for Molly. We added stacks of bracelets for an even bigger impact. You can never have too much sparkle."

In The Bag

"Options, options, options! Picking the perfect bag is often the very last step in the styling process. It has to work with the jewels, dress and nail polish color so we bring loads of options."

Late Night Looks

"When we are pulling for a big red carpet event like the Globes we also call in a ton of after-party options. We want to make sure our clients can get their swerve on once the big event is over!"