Snow Boot Outfits That Prove The "Ugly" Shoe Has Stylish Potential

Level up your winter shoe game.

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Their main purpose is to keep your feet protected from winter weather, but snow boots can actually be fashionable, you know. Tap ahead for 15 put-together snow boot outfits that put the traditionally “ugly” shoes in a newfound, refined context.

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Moon Boots are highly contested — you either love the absurdly puffy, space age-inspired shoes, or you really don't. If you fall in the former camp (or at least haven't written them off entirely yet), style them with blue jeans and a quilted tote bag in a matching color.Michael Campanella/Getty Images
Team a pair of lace-up stompers with a colorful knit dress for a feminine-meets-grunge ensemble. Top the look off with a trendy leather jacket, and you’re golden.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images
Attention all sneakerheads: When putting the final touches on a baggy streetwear outfit, consider swapping your buzzy high-tops for a pair of all-terrain, waterproof boots. They’re unexpected yet, at the same time, make perfect sense as part of the sporty ensemble.Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images
If you’ve taken even a cursory glance at Instagram as of late, you’re likely aware quilted jackets are trending. Fashion girls are drawn to the outerwear for its textured look and are styling it with utilitarian pieces — like lace-up snow boots — for elevated craftcore looks.Michael Campanella/Getty Images
Found: Your new go-to errand-running look during winter. Spruce up your beloved sweatsuit with a pair of shiny black snow boots, and then, to complete the casual ensemble, add a dadcore baseball cap and dark fur coat.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
How about engaging in fashionable juxtaposition when styling your snow boots? Contrast the sleek rubber look of weather-proof footwear with an uber-furry jacket for a lively clash of textures.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images
When styling a pair of novelty snow boots, consider tapping into a fellow winter 2022 trend that’ll heighten the maximalist momentum — like a graphic sweater. Finish with under-the-radar separates and a neutral-toned handbag to tie it all together.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
A foolproof method to curing your winter blues is to embrace an unexpected color combo — like bright crimson paired with turquoise. The dopamine-boosting style tactic is an idea to keep in mind when wearing demure snow boots, too.Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images
Don’t forget to experiment with your winter accessories, too. For one, a furry bucket hat can give a snow-proof outfit a whimsical and on-trend spirit.Michael Campanella/Getty Images
When in doubt, turn to the revered French-girl styling hack of topping off your look with a beret. The jaunty chapeau gives even the “ugliest” items — like, say, a pair of sturdy lace-up snow boots — a je ne sais quoi elegance.Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images
When you're styling a pair of ultra-statement snow boots — like an excessively furry pair — and want to ensure they don't veer into costume territory, do as the fashion girls do and piece together an all-black look. Gothic Yeti, but make it fashion.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Unleash a daytime disco spirit by choosing a boot in a high-shine metallic hue. Then, introduce additional luxe and celebratory touches via pearls and a designer handbag.Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images
While white likely isn’t your first choice for winter footwear (puddles, slush, and muddy snowbanks can pose a style hazard), a snow boot in the shade makes for a striking moment well worth the risk. Punch up the impact of the crisp shoes by tucking your pant legs into them.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Level up a pair of ankle-length snow boots with graphic tights — logomania hosiery, in particular, is especially eye-catching. Finish with a matching handbag, on-trend orange sunnies, and a sumptuous fur coat.Melodie Jeng/Getty Images
Don’t underestimate the fashionable impact of denim on denim. Consider teaming a pair of neutral, fur-lined snow boots with baggy jeans and a denim jacket in a coordinating wash for a nonchalant yet impactful look. Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

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