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10 Pairs Of Dog-Walking Shoes I’ll Happily Wear With The Rest Of My Wardrobe

No laces allowed.

Samantha Scott
slip-on dog-walking shoes
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I wasn’t one for wearing sweats and slides outside of the house until my dog Sage came into my life, nearly 4 years ago. She’s a high-energy girlie, so when we step out, we’re getting a workout. Comfort is key: Besides getting our steps in, I also have to be ready for anything from running after her and escaping aggressive dogs (and people) to contact with the dirt, grime, and poop that come along with living in New York City. Usually I wear an oversized black T-shirt or sweatshirt, black sweats or cargo pants, and brightly-colored outerwear for our daily constitutional, but once the summer hits, my jackets and coats are stored away and I swap the sweats out for bike or basketball shorts.

But the the most important part of my dog walking ensembles? My shoes. I need something sturdy to throw on and go, which means absolutely no laces. Clogs, mules, and sandals are ideal, and I usually stick to a platform or lug sole to create a little bit of distance between my feet and the ground. And yes, of course, I want them to look cool. I’ve assembled a solid collection over the past couple of years and always have my eye on new options for when a pair inevitably falls apart.

Scroll ahead for my go-to and a few pairs on my wish list.