Will This New Website Change The Way You Shop?

If your idea of the perfect shopping experience involves a chilled glass of rosé and discounts from the comfort of your sofa, chances are you’re going to love Jet.com. The brand-new site—which launched on Tuesday—caters to style-savvy bargain hunters by offering big-time deals on fashion items, beauty products, home goods and tons more. In fact, Jet’s price cuts are so steep that the website could potentially become a competing force against Amazon (time will tell). Below, 5 things you should know about the newest E-shop to make it on your bookmarks bar. Will Jet change the way we all shop moving forward? You be the judge:

1. Yes, there’s a membership fee. First-time users can expect a free 3-month trial membership. Once that ends, a Jet membership will cost you $49.99 per year (talk about a steal). Curious as to how Jet makes money? This is it. The company doesn’t gain profit from the products they sell.

2. Their fashion offering is really, really good. The site may not have much on it right now, but they plan to ramp up their fashion categories in the upcoming weeks. For now, Jet has a killer affiliate program. This allows members to purchase from top websites (as in J.Crew, H&M, Macy’s and more) and still get the discount.

3. Expect free shipping and returns. For purchases over $35, you’ll receive free shipping and 30-day returns. But, for shoppers who choose to waive their right for free returns, items purchased will be discounted even further. (Just make sure you want to keep it forever.)

4. They’ve already proven to be profitable. Jet earned $1 million dollars in sales on their very first day. Enough said.

5. The company has acquired some big-time investors. Think Google and Alibaba (to name just two). Jet’s powerful list of investors could mean that Amazon has a new competitor.