10 Affordable Staples For Girls On The Go

Having a jam-packed schedule from Monday through Friday leaves little room for leisurely contemplating outfits in front of the mirror. Heck, there’s never even time to go home and change as you’re usually rushing from the office to a restaurant. Thus, while standout trend items will always be our love, we often gravitate toward familiar, reliable pieces that never fail us when we need them most. From a versatile day-to-night dress, a roomy carryall and a savvy tool for preventing pesky blisters, there are certain well-rounded wares and accessories that aid in alleviating stress and crunch time for those who are constantly on the go. Ahead, shop our must-have selection of busy lady essentials all for under $250 so you can throw them on and dash out the door feeling prepared and confident, every time.

Adam Katz Sinding

On-The-Go Essentials

Comfy Ankle Boots

Ankle boots in either taupe or black match with everything from dresses to trousers. Choose one with a small heel for height that won't leave you squirming in pain.

Anti-Blister Spray

For times when you're breaking in new shoes or giving those uncomfortable but very cute heels another chance, we highly suggest keeping this genius spray in your bag to prevent any friction and irritation on your feet. We know there's nothing more annoying than a painful blister to tend to all day. Trust.

Roomy Bag

Excuse our French, but with all the crap we keep it's important to own a roomy carryall that'll store all our day-to-day essentials. However, finding the perfect bag is all about the size and shape. Make sure it isn't too oversized and rendered in a shape that reads sophisticated and polished.

Polished Shirt

When you literally only have five minutes to leave the house, it's most helpful when you can mindlessly grab a piece that allows you to look like you've had 40 minutes to get ready. A classic button-down with an uptown vibe can be paired with anything from skirts to jeans.

Portable Charger

Next to blisters, the second most frustrating thing has to be running out of juice on your phone. Make sure you're always prepared and fully charged with this adorable compact charger.

Day-To-Night Dress

A dress is the easiest thing to throw on and go. A printed midi A-line version works well for daytime and a quick swap of accessories and makeup will translate the look for evening.

Statement Earrings

It's smart to stow a glamorous bauble in your bag or at your desk to shake up your daytime ensemble in case last-minute dinner plans or a date happens to pop onto your calendar.

Black Jeans

One of the most important wardrobe essentials for any woman, black jeans are necessary as they can be dressed up or down and basically match any piece of clothing you have. Done and dusted.

Block-Heel Pumps

If you know you're going to be trekking from lunches to meetings that day, choose a pair of block-heel pumps. They're easier to walk in, plus they're the best emergency shoes to keep at your desk when you need to look more polished at a moment's notice.

Elegant Coat

When temperatures drop, dressing can become more time-consuming as you figure out which layers go with what. Skip the guesswork by throwing on a warm wool double-breasted coat that's streamlined and sleek for easy styling.