The Hilarious Way Victoria Beckham Is Poking Fun At Herself

We’re still buzzing about Victoria Beckham‘s forthcoming collection for Target (“Spice Up Your Life” has literally been stuck in our heads since this playful preview came out), but the designer has another killer project up her sleeve, this time from her contemporary line. For her Victoria Victoria Beckham label, she just debuted a graphic T-shirt that reads “Fashion Stole My Smile,” and we think it’s so clever.

“I’ve just launched my collaboration with Target, which has been so much fun to work on,” Victoria says in a release. “There’s a lot of print, a lot of bright color and lots of kids’ clothes! Designing the kids’ pieces, with all these little bumblebees and bunnies, really made me smile. I wanted to create something to mark that feeling—poking fun at my sometimes serious persona. That’s what this VVB ‘Fashion Stole My Smile’ T-shirt is all about.”

Genius and very well played, VB. Shop the tees below, before they sell out—fashion girls will definitely flock to these.

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Fashion Stole Her Smile

Victoria Victoria Beckham Fashion Stole My Smile Tee, $150

Victoria Victoria Beckham Fashion Stole My Smile Tee, $150