8 Statement Coats To Help You Survive Winter

It might be freezing cold throughout most of the country, but no one gets a free pass to dress like a yeti. Take a cue from Russian fashion editor and style icon Miroslava Duma, and make your outerwear the focal point of an outfit. Layer warm, insulating basics underneath a statement coat and opt for super-tall boots to complete the look. We guarantee you’ll look chic (and still be warm) no matter what the Polar Vortex throws your way.

The Cape Coat

The genius thing about a cape is that you look glamorous no matter what you're wearing underneath (long johns, we're looking at you).

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The Menswear Coat

Ditch your flimsy feminine coats and relish in the warmth of a structured, heavy wool or cashmere number. Our only rule: Pass on basic black.

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The Shearling Coat

Unabashedly cozy, shearling coats make you warmer just by looking at them. Depending on the style, they can run the gamut from glamorous and urbane to downright rustic.

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The Bright Coat

If you tend to live in black and navy during the winter months, a rich-hued coat brings life back to your look in no time.

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The Bold-Pattern Coat

Head-turning camo? Yes, please. Flashy florals? All over them. Opting for a dangerously loud, printed coat is fair play when the temperature dips below freezing.

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The Winter-White Coat

Never mind that it'll inevitably get dirty, a glamorous winter white coat brings all the romance back to those unforgiving snow days.

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The Sweater Coat

Ever wish you could bring your coziest throw blanket to work with you? Meet your new style BFF: the sweater coat.

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The Animal-Print Coat

Chic with anything from fashion sweats to wide-leg trousers, this wardrobe workhorse takes you anywhere you want to go this winter in perfect style.

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