6 Tops To Never Wear With Leggings

Leggings are inherently casual, which means you need to pair them with sophisticated pieces for a stylish look that’s appropriate for public outings. While we don’t advocate wearing leggings in every scenario, there are times when the comfortable bottom is A-OK, so long as certain items are never part of the equation. Ahead, we break down the pieces to never wear with leggings and offer the stylish staples worth swapping for.

Adam Katz Sinding

Leggings No-Nos

Never Wear: An Open-Back Top

Try this instead: An asymmetrical top

A fully exposed top with body-hugging bottoms is overexposed and, honestly, tacky. An asymmetrical hem, on the other hand, offers fashion-forward interest.

Never Wear: A Tight Crop Top

Try this instead: A structured off-the-shoulder blouse

Tight and tight don't mix, especially when you're working with leggings. If you're feeling showy, highlight your décolleté and aim for a structured off-the-shoulder that hits just above the hips.

Never Wear: A Barely-There Camisole

Try this instead: A silky top

A boudoir staple reads scandalous with leggings. A silky, full-coverage blouse delivers a more demure (yet still slinky) alternative.

Never Wear: A Short, Boxy Shirt

Try this instead: An oversize shirt

With leggings, proportion is key. An oversize shirt better balances the body-skimming bottom.

Never Wear: A Bralette

Try this instead: A sheer peekaboo

Do we really need to explain this one? If sexy is the aim, a slightly sheer blouse is appropriately playful.

Never Wear: A Sports Bra

Try this instead: A fitted tee

At the gym, an athletic bra is kosher. For more casual outfits, though, reach for a classic tee to bring the polish.