9 Essentials We Rely On For Surviving The Holidays

The holidays are a special time in which festivities abound (cocktail fetes, gift exchanges) as well as a lot of downtime (flight delays, sitting around your parents’ living room). Every girl needs a variety of chic staples to carry you through, from a stunning party look to cozy loungewear. Here, the nine essentials that will help you survive the merry season in style.

Holiday Survival Guide

Vibrant Lipsticks

The holidays are the perfect time to don a more daring shade. We love rotating between classic red and berry for festive touches (here, two of Burt's Bees 18 vibrant, full-coverage shades). Pro tip: Opt for a naturally moisturizing formula like this to avoid drying out your pout through the chilly season.

A Versatile Cocktail Dress

Nothing beats a dress you can wear to office shindigs, family gatherings and cocktails with friends. A simple silhouette in luxe velvet is understated and elegant.

Statement Earrings

A sparkly earring instantly transforms any outfit into a holiday-appropriate ensemble.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Real talk: Family time can get annoying, fast. Drown out the chatter as needed. Pro tip: Opt for a wireless pair if an iPhone 7 is on your wish list.

A Chunky Sweater

A cozy sweater in a bold shade is as festive as it is versatile, whether you're traveling, lounging around the house or holiday shopping.

A Metallic Heel

Whether dressing up denim or teaming with a cocktail dress, a metallic heel is a holiday season neutral.

A PJ Set

To us, the holidays equate to lots of lounging. We prefer to do so in a silky set of pajamas.

Cozy Slippers

Speaking of relaxing, sheepskin-lined slippers are an equally important piece of the puzzle.


Another perk of time spent at home? Catching up on Netflix. We'll let you decide if this is a family activity or an opportunity for escape.