The Best Gifts For Health & Fitness Junkies

Our wellness spending—encompassing all things fitness, health and new age spirituality—is starting to rival the amounts we spend on fashion, which means this obsession is officially entering dangerous territory. There are just so many beautiful products in this category, which we’re expecting to be huge in 2017. For those on your list who are as obsessed as we are, here is a shortlist of the things we’re coveting most in the wellness space.

Moon Juice

The Moon Juice Cookbook

Like all LA girls, we're obsessed with Moon Juice. In this cookbook, the company's it-girl founder Amanda Chantal Bacon gives guidance on using foods to heal at home and divulges some of her most-coveted recipes.

The Moon Juice Cookbook, $30

Fig + Yarrow

Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Kit

This gift set is a bath junkie's dream (the Floral Milk Bath is one of our favorite products, in such high demand it's often sold out). With it, your favorite spa addict can create their own at-home pampering situation again and again for the price of a single pro treatment.

Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Kit (Sea/Woods), $88



If we have a rich relative who has as of yet remained anonymous, now is the time for them to step forward and gift us with this incredible machine. This Juicero cold-pressed juice-maker is #1 on our wishlist this holiday season.

Juicero, $700

Energy Muse

Crystal Sphere

Crystals had a big moment in 2016, and the craze is only gaining in traction as we head into 2017. Your favorite crystal-obsessed friend or family member's addiction will hit new heights with the gift of a Shungite Sphere, which is said to clear negative energy from a space. We like the Selenite Sphere for this purpose as well.

Shungite Sphere, $59


Vetements Cropped Shell Jacket

For your favorite fitness junkie's off-duty days.

Vetements Cropped Shell Jacket, $1,185


LEAFtv Year Of Wellness

Each month, it girl Geri Hirsch curates the best in holistic beauty, health and wellness products, delivered direct to your (gift recipient's) doorstep.

LEAFtv Year Of Wellness, 2 months for $120


DrinkWel Supplements

Even the healthiest of health nuts may over imbibe from time to time. We swear by these supplements as the only surefire hangover eliminator. Best gifted with a bottle of (organic) wine.

Drinkwel for Hangovers, Nutrient Replenishment & Liver Support

, $38


Paya Meditation Cushion

Your favorite meditation fanatic probably spends a lot of time on the pillow. Why not make his or her zen moments a little cozier with this 100% alpaca cushion?

Paya Meditation Cushion, $145

The Kombucha Shop

Kombucha Brew Kit

If you can't watch your bestie spend her entire paycheck on kombucha anymore, we suggest you consider gifting her with a home brew kit so she can DIY and save (while simultaneously earning the hipster cred she secretly craves).

Kombucha Brew Kit, $54


Chilly Pad Sports Towel

We're so obsessed with hot yoga that we might have to invest in one of these for ourselves this holiday season. The Chilly Pad cools you down and dries you off, which makes it the perfect gift for exercise junkies of all stripes.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel, $9

Sakara Life

Sakara Life 5-Day Reset Collection

If you can't quite afford to gift a Sakara Life meal-delivery plan (another of our dream gifts), this 5-Day Reset package from the cult company is a great alternative, particularly given that your friend, family member or colleague can make immediate use of it upon receipt.

Sakara Life The 5-Day Reset Collection, $89

Need Supply Co.

Morihata Air Purifier

We're obsessed with this chic bamboo charcoal air purifier, and your wellness-obsessed friends and family members will be, too.

Morihata Small Chikuno Cube House, $68


The Dreslyn Home Limited Edition Gift Set

Tarot cards, incense, and our favorite bath salts via Herbivore—your spiritually-inclined friends will love this grab bag of new age goodies.

The Dreslyn Home Limited Edition no. 01, $150


Crisscross Crop Top

Even our candlelit yoga classes feel like a fashion show these days. Athletic-wear addicts on your list will love this chic yet winter-perfect workout top from unlikely yoga-preneur Russell Simmons.

Tantris Women's Anyday Crisscross Crop Top, $58

The Happiness Editor

The Happiness Planner

This year, one of our editors successfully used science to get happier. Her DIY efforts would have been helped immensely by this planner, however, which focuses less on productivity than it does on positivity. We may all want to start out the challenging year ahead with this joyful toy.

The Happiness Planner, $56

Urban Outfitters

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are said to purify the air, and they give off a warm orange light which creates the perfect ambiance for cozy nights in as well.

Himalayan Salt Lamp, $34

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Gift Card

Even if your gift recipient doesn't live near a Tracy Anderson studio, she can use the gift card to stream classes online and save tons of money while staying true to her New Year's resolutions.

Tracy Anderson Gift Cards, starts at $20



This science-backed device tracks your breathing and sends you alerts when it notices a negative change in pattern. This functionality ideally enables mindfulness, alleviating tension and anxiety in the process.

Spire, $100

The LIT Method

The LIT Kit

The LIT Method was one of our favorite workouts of 2016, so we were beyond excited to learn that the fitness studio has released an at-home kit for those who can't make it in to their physical location. Any workout junkie or wannabe workout junkie will thank you for addicting them to this fun and impactful method for toning up in the new year.

The LIT Kit, $90