The One Piece You Need This Year, According To Your Sign

Shopping trips can go one of two ways: You overdo it far beyond what your budget allows, or you become so overwhelmed that you throw your hands up in defeat rather than manically sift through racks. A reasonable compromise? Look to the stars to hone in on the one perfect item to suit your personality. Here, the best pieces to buy right now, according your horoscope—from timeless accessories to trend-forward separates. And if you subscribe to the theory that the zodiac calendar shifted in 2016, be sure to check out your neighboring sign for extra encouragement.

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What To Buy In 2017, According To Your Sign

For those who are introverted but have a somewhat eccentric energy, a logo tee can say what you're not willing to. Not to mention, logo mania is huge for spring.

Shop Aquarius

A vivid print is perfect for artistic and enthusiastic Pisces' playful personality.

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Drawn to comfort, Aries loves to be cozy: Enter this nubby, oversize coat.

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A structured shirt with modern updates is fitting for Taurus' powerful yet reliable personality.

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A classic blazer in punchy pink suits the fun-loving, versatile and expressive traits of a Gemini.

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A sheer top with feminine embroidery is just right for the emotional, sensitive and highly imaginative personality of a Cancer.

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Leos are often self-confident, creative and a bit dramatic (in a good way!), making spring's bold costume jewelry an ideal trend to adopt.

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Virgos tend to take an organized, methodical approach to life. A pointed-toe satin flat is perfect.

Shop Virgo

A classic (and investment-worthy) handbag suits Libra's love of beautiful things—quality over quantity is her ultimate goal.

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Quietly fierce, Scorpios posses a bit of mystery. A black ankle boot with chic details is right up her alley.

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A boho dress is apt for Sagittarius' optimistic, open-minded philosophical views.

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When it comes to professionalism, the serious and independent Capricorn is boss. A fashion-forward suit is a practical but stylish buy.

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