Cupcakes And Cashmere Just Launched The Curated Boutique Of Our Dreams

These days, it’s more surprising if someone is not a blogger than if they are, especially in Los Angeles. Ten years ago, however, the job title didn’t even exist, and early adventurers in the space were writing solely for the love of content creation (as free gifts and fame were not yet showered upon them with abandon). Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere was one such pioneer, having started her blog way back in 2008 after a stint at Teen Vogue. She’s steadily built a solid business ever since, expanding in ways that have taken real effort, hard work and entrepreneurial chutzpah. “All the things I’ve done to set myself apart haven’t been quick, easy things,” she tells us over tea. “I wrote two books, we have a clothing line, bedding and lighting. Cupcakes and Cashmere isn’t just a website anymore. It’s much bigger than that. And the fact that the brand can succeed without people knowing who I am is a really exciting thing.”

We’d argue that everybody knows who she is, but we’ll agree with the idea that her job title can no longer be described as just, “blogger.” Especially now that she’s launched her new e-commerce destination that’s stocked with clothing, home goods and gifts. “I’ve been curating things I love pretty much on a daily basis for the last nine years,” she says. “Too much choice can be overwhelming. The goal [with e-commerce] is to make it feel like these are recommendations from a friend. These are things that I love, and things I have in my home, and a selection that has stemmed from things I’ve looked for in my own life.”

The shopping site features some of Emily’s go-to brands—fans of her website will recognize them immediately—including Mother denim and Meri Meri, a gift and party supplies line. It’s a savvy step for her in terms of creating longevity and revenue for her brand. “We’ve tried to adhere to a ‘good, better, best’ model,” she says. “We have a lot of things I consider very affordable, so if you want a sweater at that price point, we have it. But we have a range. If you want to splurge on something a little more special—all cashmere, for example—we have that, too. It’s basically just my favorite things, all in one place.”