8 Shopping Apps That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

We don’t know about you, but for us, summer is the season when we shop the most. There’s always a pool party, barbecue or other such occasion that requires fresh styling, particularly in the Instagram era of one-time wear. To help you both spend and save as temperatures warm and your social life heats up, we’ve curated a list of the best apps to help you shop on your phone ’til your thumbs get tired. Here, eight shopping apps that will change your life or, at least, your wardrobe.



Downloading Spring is a bit of a risk unless you have endless resources to spend on fashion. The app (which now also has a physical website) offers a great way to discover a curated selection of brands, see what others are buying and impulse-buy with the click of a button (free shipping, too). Consider it a financially dangerous version of Instagram with great benefits for your wardrobe.

Check out Spring here.



Most of the time when we shop on Amazon, we shop with a purpose. But what if you could peruse a curation of the best in fashion, lifestyle and home decor products from among the behemoth's myriad offerings? Enter Canopy, which allows you to do just that. If you're not sure what you're looking for but want to be looking for something, it's worth downloading ASAP.

Check out Canopy here.



Hook is billed as a search engine for fashion—if you see something you like, snap a photo of it and Hook will find it, or a similar product, for you. You can also simply browse trends via the app, as it's equally useful for those in search of a specific product as it is for those who just want to shop 'til they drop.

Check out Hook here.



The Etsy app makes shopping the site's seemingly unlimited options feel less overwhelming. In fact, in-app browsing feels a bit like a game, and it's a little too easy to find curated product lists that are compulsively shoppable via this download.

Check out the Etsy app here.


Hafta Have

If your bank account is less able to handle spur-of-the-moment purchases, download Hafta Have, an app which alerts you when items you like have gone on sale or are about to sell out.

Check out Hafta Have here.



If you're into all things green, this is the app for you. Use it to discover and shop all things organic, healthy and natural in every category. As an added bonus, you can also find tips for going more green across their various verticals as well.

Check out Musely here.



If you find yourself purchasing direct from the blogs and Instagram accounts of influencers, downloading In/Spree is going to make your life and shopping addiction much easier. It's like an easily shoppable Instagram feed featuring only the girls you love to follow.

Check out In/Spree here.



Whilo helps you keep track of the items you want as a shareable—and shoppable—wishlist. You can also follow influencers and brands to discover products, or friends and family members in order to avoid bad gifting at birthdays and other occasions.

Check out Whilo here.