Serial Shopping: Team Zoe’s Style Addictions

The thing about loving fashion as much as we do is that sometimes we find ourselves gravitating toward the same type of piece time after time. Maybe you can relate to the problem: Have you ever looked in your closet and realized you have more than a few of fill-in-the-blank-here, and yet you always want just one more? Then yes, you too suffer from a fashion addiction. Here, Team Zoe comes clean on their individual sartorial obsessions. After all, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

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Our Guilty Pleasures (Actually, We Feel Pretty Good About Them)

Round Sunglasses

"Round sunglasses are definitely my addiction. I love how they instantly add a little extra to my outfit. I want them all—exaggerated shapes, fun colors, bold prints, you name it! —Alyssa Sutter, Styling Assistant

Vintage Band Tees

"I have a ridiculous (and relatively newfound) obsession with the music culture of decades past, so I’ve been gravitating exclusively to vintage-inspired tees—especially those with references to the inimitable Led Zeppelin. When I wear them, I pretend I’m hanging out with Robert Plant at the Riot House in the '70s." — Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor

Trench Coats

"Although I live in Los Angeles (where it almost never falls under 50 degrees), trench coats are totally my thing. They're a staple I think everyone should own—no matter what climate you live in." — Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

Gold Booties

"I wear a lot of black, so when I want to make a statement with my outfit I do so via bold footwear. I consider metallic gold booties to be neutral. My favorite way to wear them is with a vintage tee, black denim and an oversize sweater." — Christian David, Art Director

Slip Dresses

"There are a million ways to rock a slip dress, which is why I can't get enough of them. I wear it during the day with minimalist jewelry and slides, and then at night with heels, a leather jacket and bold lip. Foolproof." — Jaclyn Decell, Community Manager

Animal-Print Sweaters

"I have a tendency to buy anything and everything with an animal motif, and sweaters are no exception. On those days when you're not feeling so great, just throw on an animal-print sweater and people are instantly nicer to you. Try it." — Jordan Silver, Marketing Manager

Striped Shirts

"I love button-ups—especially of the silk variety—and striped cotton tops (see: French girls). A striped button-up is a double whammy of awesome as far as I'm concerned. I wear them with denim, skinny black trousers, leather pants—anything. Add a beautiful lip color and a pair of high heels, and I'm in my happy place." —Megan Gustashaw, Editorial Director

Black Buckle Boots

"These boots may look exactly the same at first glance, but the subtle differences are why I wear them for different reasons. Gold hardware vs. silver, stiletto vs. stacked heel, suede vs. leather." — Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor

Embroidered Denim Shirts

"My free-spirited Mom was born and raised in the Southwest so her country style has rubbed off on me. I'm a sucker for new (or vintage) denim Western shirts to add to my collection that I like to refer to as 'The New Mexico Lineup.'" — Tyler Piluzza, Content Strategy Manager