Hit The Road, Jack

by The Zoe Report

Okay, who is ready to take their summer globe-trotting to the next level? If your hand is raised, allow me to introduce the Topas Gold Cabin Trolley from the Germany-based luxury luggage line, Rimowa. I’ll wait a minute while you catch your breath…so OOC. This is one travel accessory that matches with everything.

Complete with a titanium shell, poly jacquard interior and convenient wheels, Rimowa’s going-out-of-town masterpiece actually gets me excited to pack. Whether your summer itinerary has you trekking to an exotic island or road trippin’ across the States, this golden child will securely hold all of your fashionable belongings while turning heads along the way. Now, throw in your colorful kaftan, beach towel and beauty essentials…and hit the road! xoRZ Availability: Rimowa Topas Gold Cabin Trolley IATA ($1100, 310.888.8686). For additional retailer information, visit Rimowa.com.

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