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I’ve Already Bought This Preppy Essential In Five Different Colors This Winter

How can you not live in them?

David Dee Delgado/Getty Images
Quarter zip sweater on Carolina Herrera fw2019 gues
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You know that meme that resurfaces every late August like clockwork? “Can’t wait ‘til it gets colder so I can really start dressing,” it usually says in some form, with the ultimate punchline hinging on the likelihood of failing to do just that. It’s a relatable idea for me — my Pinterest boards are teeming with fall and winter outfit ideas that involve all sorts of brilliant layering tips, but they’re tricky to translate to my real-life outfits. Then, I stumbled upon the humble quarter-zip sweater. Maybe I thought they were largely just for the Tom Wambsgans-es of the world, but they never quite appealed to me until I tried the style out firsthand not too long ago. Since, if we’re being honest, I’ve picked up five different versions this season alone. I rotate them in and out of my all my looks, combining them with different bottoms, trending shoes, and accessories with merciful ease.

While quarter-zip sweaters come in all sorts of different fabrics, they’re lightweight by nature. The zipper that runs a fourth of the way down the wearer’s chest is usually at least partially open, allowing for a larger peek at whatever shirts or assorted tops is worn beneath — it’s helpful all season, but especially if you live in an area with fickle temperatures. The look’s already been endorsed by preppy-loving stars like Kendall Jenner, Sophie Turner, and Jennifer Garner, with more sure to follow suit as the trend continues to pick up steam.

Ahead, get cozy with the quarter-zips that have me hooked this winter. Frankly, I’ll be living in them straight into 2024.

Vintage Soft Quarter-Zip Pullover
Behold: the perfect oversized fit. For everyone still channeling Princess Diana on their daily walks (me, hi), this long, floppy sweater goes just as well with bike shorts in the spring and fall as it does with pants in the winter.
Malbon x F1 Podium Quarter Zip
With starts like Rosalía, Dua Lipa, and Emily Ratajkowski all leaning into the moto-styles of Formula 1, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Malbon’s collaboration with the racing league is a shortcut to nailing the vibe, especially with its high neckline and front pockets.