Book Report: Pucci

by The Zoe Report

My love affair with Emilio Pucci’s designs began at a very early age, so of course I could not wait to get my hands on this limited edition tome from Taschen. With gazillions of stylish pictures, sketches and candids, it depicts an insider’s look into the Italian fashion house. I plan to spend endless hours indulging in its pages…

But first, can we talk about my favorite part of the book? The insane cover! Each one is bound in a signature print Pucci fabric, which calls to mind so many of his beautiful clothes. I almost want to glam up in a Pucci dress just to read it! So mah-jor. Trust me, if you consider yourself even the slightest disciple of fashion, you are going to fall hard for this book—it is a piece of style history. Now pre-order one ASAP (there are only 10,000 copies) and clear up some space on your coffee table…always make room for Pucci 🙂 xoRZ

Availability: Emilio Pucci by Vanessa Friedman ($200, pre-order $126). For additional information visit Taschen.com.