These Polo Top Outfits Prove The Preppy Staple Is Here To Stay

In praise of the casual collared shirt.

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The best thing about a polo top is that there’s no shortage of ways to wear it. From an off-the-court sporty feel to a buttoned-up and professional vibe, the looks you’ll get abound. Ahead, see TZR’s favorite ways to style the separate.

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Sidestep a pair of true blues or Bermuda jean shorts this summer and try a denim maxi skirt instead. Team the retro-feeling bottoms with a striped polo top and slip into a pair of delicate, strappy kitten heels.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
For a fashion-driven yet athletic-inspired outfit, lean into a tenniscore mood with a collared polo top, pleated skirt, and crisp white sneakers.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
Denim overalls are one of summer 2022’s front-running styles, but this season’s iterations are a far cry from the kitschy pairs of your youth. They’re relaxed in silhouette and have an effortlessly cool effect when styled with timeless, put-together staples.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
Summer 2022 is the season of skin. If you dare, consider participating in the bare-it-all aesthetic with a sheer collared top, as the see-through material is an inspired and strategic way of tapping into the sultry frame of mind.Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment
This all-white look is for all the strategic minimalists out there. The collared polo top adds structure while the cream-colored plissé skirt exudes an airy, ethereal element. Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment
If you’re never one to shy away from a style challenge, play with the textures of your polo look. Netted fabrics, for one, make for an especially intriguing tactile element.Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment
Looking for a fresh in-office ensemble to put in rotation? Consider a collared polo top paired with front-pleat workwear trousers. It’s a combo that reads relaxed and polished.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
Last summer was the era of fruit motifs — melons, berries, citrus, you name it. This season, however, celebrates the vegetable patch, giving radishes, cucumbers, leeks, and other veggies a chance to steal the sartorial spotlight.Neil Mockford/Getty Images Entertainment
Are you familiar with country club-core? The muted and minimal summer aesthetic breaths new life into canonically preppy fashion staples. Test drive the trend by pairing an oversized polo shirt with a white pleated midi skirt.Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment
A casual polo top and straight-leg jeans make for an infallible, off-duty look for a sunny weekend day. Add even more of a prepster feel by slipping into a pair of loafers, too.Edward Berthelot/French Select/Getty Images
Need a guaranteed dopamine surge? Style a highly saturated polo top with a pair of equally colorful pants and pumps for a mood-boosting effect.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
Considering baggy clothes have clinched the title of summer’s leading silhouette, a roomy polo shirt that doubles as a flirty minidress is a wise addition to your seasonal wardrobe.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
To balance out the eclectic nature of a pair of printed colorful jeans, style them with a basic white polo. It might just become your most reached for combination.Melodie Jeng/Getty Images Entertainment
For the adventurous dressers out there, sport a colorful striped polo shirt with a statement skirt — ideally, one that boasts eye-catching cutouts and metallic hardware. Finish the maximal ensemble with skinny sling-back heels and your carry-everywhere purse.Melodie Jeng/Getty Images Entertainment
The cargo pant trend, whether you approve of it or not, is still going strong. This outfit — consisting of black utilitarian trousers styled with a striped polo top and Birkenstocks — is a prime example of celebrating the bottom’s down-to-earth vibe.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment

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