Travel Essentials: Margo And Me’s Paris Packing List

The City of Light (a.k.a. Instagram heaven, a.k.a. Paris) is the ultimate chic weekend getaway and always a recipe for romance. Today Jenny Bernheim from the blog Margo And Me shares some snaps and packing tips from her recent trip to the European capital, kicking off our month of jet-set style inspiration. Peruse Jenny’s dreamy recap below then hop on over to our Instagram, where she’ll be sharing photos all day. Be sure to say congrats, too: Jenny got engaged while she was away!

Paris Must-Do: Picnic in the Park

“Park culture here is a true form of art. I could so get used to lounging around in beautifully manicured gardens all day long.”

Paris Must-Have: Classic Cape

“Spring in Paris is similar to the weather in New York – you never know when it will start to drizzle. A classic cape is a chic cover up to carry with you for those afternoon picnics.”

Paris Must-Have: Menswear Flats

“The best way to travel around Paris is by foot. The greatest places you will find are those little hole in the walls that you stumble upon. A comfortable pair of walking shoes is key!”

Paris Must-Do: Flower Markets

“The markets in Paris are filled with the most vibrant and aromatic flowers I have ever found.”

Paris Must-Do: Romantic Stroll

“What is Paris without a true Carrie moment? A fabulous dress to twirl in is a must!”

Paris Must-Have: Glam Dress

“I am in love with the tea length of this Tadashi Shoji dress. It's appropriate for everything from an afternoon soiree to an evening extravaganza!”

Paris Must-Have: Chic Travel Cases

“Traveling with jewelry is never a stress-free situation. These little Lauren Merkin cases are perfectly designed to hold all of your valuables and are small enough to tuck inside of your carry on.”

Paris Must-Have: Wide Brim Hat

“Menswear is a must in Paris! A vintage-inspired hat like this Maison Michel one is my go-to for a day touring the city.”

Paris Must-Do: Lunch At Ladurée

“Ladurée is quintessentially Parisian; you cannot travel home without a box of goodies from here.”

Paris Must-Have: Chic Black Layers

“Transitioning from prints to the French uniform of black was a nice change of pace for me. ”

Paris Must-Have: Hands-Free Bag

"When I'm traveling, it's all about hands-free for me. This purse actually sits at your waist as a belt - so genius."