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The Over-The-Top Outfits I Plan On Living In This Season

Print-mixing, platforms, and tulle — oh my!

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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become increasingly aware of my delayed reaction to situations. I just process major changes a bit slower than others. This is why, four months into 2021, I’m still living like it’s 2020: in loungewear, makeup-free, and my hair is in a perpetual top knot. The hopefulness and excitement of a new year has yet to kick in, but that’s all about to change. The onslaught of spring fashion in all its colorful, pattern-filled glory is kickstarting my imagination — and then some. I’m now itching to dress up again, but this time with over-the-top outfits that compensate for my year in hibernation. Instead of cherry-picking one or two seasonal trends, I plan on tackling them all (possibly at once).

I almost envision myself as Joey Tribbiani in the memorable Season 3 scene from Friends where he throws on all of Chandler Bing’s clothes as an act of revenge. I believe the famous line goes: “Look at me, I’m Chandler! Could I be wearing any more clothes?” Well, as comical as the pop culture moment was, it’s now serving as practical inspiration for my approach to spring and summer dressing. I want to run around in candy-colored plaids with sky-high platforms and bucket hats. I want to bring animal prints and florals together in a wild mishmash that’s unexpected, yet intentional. I want to dust off all the unworn dramatic party dresses I purchased over the past year and finally give them their day in the sun (even if it’s just to walk my dog).

Perhaps it’s simply the longer, sunnier days wooing me out of my quarantine cocoon. Or maybe the high-octane hues coming out of design houses like Balmain, The Attico, and Susan Fang are hitting a nerve. Whatever the force may be that’s lifting my spirits, it’s all making me want to celebrate New Years Day again. Can I get a do-over?

Ahead, the over-the-top spring fashion trends I plan on living in this season. Cheers to doing the most.

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Over-The-Top Outfits: Candy-Colored Plaid

There’s something about plaid — in its many forms — that feels quintessentially spring to me, especially against cotton-candy colorways. I’m in desperate need of color and sunshine in my life, even if it’s just with my wardrobe, so vibrant gingham, madras, and tartan pieces will be worn ad nauseam. Oh, and I’m giving myself bonus points for mixing them with contrasting prints like polka dots, florals, or tie-dye (as per my next tip below).

Over-The-Top Outfits: Mix & Match

This season, any prior rules I adhered to (even subconsciously) are thrown out the window. I’m loving the carefree nature of mixing and matching separates and how it makes an otherwise simple ensemble feel interesting and abstract. Tie-dye top and yin-yang printed pants? Yes, please. Florals and animal print in one look? Consider it done.

Over-The-Top Outfits: Party Dresses

A year ago, I found any excuse to stay home, and now all I want is a reason to go out on the town. While fancy affairs are few and far between at the moment, I have no problem parading around my Los Angeles apartment in a feather-lined mini dress, vintage sequin maxi, or cloud-like frock.