If You Wear This Simple Jewelry Trend You’re Definitely A Fashion Person

It makes a serious impact.

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Monochromatic outfits are one of those seemingly throw-on-and-go approaches to dressing that look effortless, though they require planning. The best ones are infused with dimension, whether through texture or varying shades, which takes some foresight. However, with a bit of practice, head-to-toe matching ultimately becomes second nature. Still, there’s one area of coordination you may not have tried yet: monochromatic jewelry. It’s a celebrity and street style-loved trend that’s on the rise, ranging from subtle enhancements to bold and bright adornment.

While monochromatic dressing typically means matching your clothing and accessories, designer Grace Lee explains that with jewelry, it’s all about choosing pieces that coordinate with each other, no matter if your clothing matches. But not all interpretations of monochromatic jewelry are the same — it’s the wearer’s choice, with variations abounding for any outfit or aesthetic. According to Lee, a few current approaches to the tonal jewelry trend are building a stack of rings all in yellow gold, layering pieces with different diamond cuts, or stacking colorful gemstones, like emeralds or rubies in various shapes.

Melissa Kaye

Fine jeweler Melissa Kaye says the resurgence of colorful jewelry from nostalgic to neon translates well to the monochrome trend. “When we launched our enamel pieces, many of our clients eased their way into adding color to their collection by choosing one color and building a stack from there,” she explains. A continued spike in head-to-toe neon remains, but Kaye highlights a push toward the opposite — monochromatic pastels.

“I’m seeing lots of looks in banana yellows, baby pinks, and cool blues, which our new pastel enamel styles work well with,” she tells TZR. Likewise, designer Ashley Zhang says, “We are seeing a huge trend of black in jewelry and bright pops of colored gemstones,” including enamel and onyx. The designer says these monochromatic accents offer fun pops or subtle sparkle, particularly when styled with neutral clothing, like an all-beige or all-white outfit.

Coordinating the color of adornment to the overall palette of an outfit is another approach to the monochrome jewelry trend — it reads bolder, standing out beautifully for occasions and dressier events. “When styling clothes to go along with a monochromatic jewelry look, there are a few ways that you can go,” Kaye explains. “I have a more neutral wardrobe, so layering my enamel jewelry is how I add a chic pop of color, but I think a look that’s entirely in one saturated hue looks really cool.” Adding, “I also love the idea of color blocking your jewels against your clothes for an exciting element of contrast.”

Ahead, five designer-approved tips for pulling off the monochrome jewelry trend with an edit to shop if you’re coveting a new bauble.

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Combine Different Shapes

“As with any jewelry stack, the key to layering monochromatic jewels is to incorporate an array of silhouettes and to play with scale to give off an air of effortlessness,” says Kaye. “I have a lot of piercings and love mixing our Lola needles or Cristina hoops in different sizes with ear cuffs.” Adding, “I also love a good pile of rings mixing different silhouettes but in all one color — it creates a look that is textural and dynamic.”

When going the glistening route with diamonds to create a monochrome look, Lee recommends pairing different shapes together with varying setting styles, like a bezel-set Asscher, a prong-set Emerald cut, and a small prong-set pear.

Mix Up Your Gold

“When styling a monochrome look with one gold color, I would use different textures and levels,” Lee suggests. “Stacking one of our Lace rings with a Demi ring is a way to add different dimensions to an all yellow gold stack,” she says.

Style Varying Shades Together

Kaye explains that a monochromatic jewelry look doesn’t have to be made up of the same exact shade throughout. “Using different tones adds a nice layer of dimension and keeps things interesting,” she says, suggesting a mix of neons and pastels for a modern look. “Pairing our baby and fluorescent pinks is one of my favorite monochrome combos,” the designer adds.

Try A Black Accent

Black jewelry is a sleek approach to monochrome with a graphic appeal. “Our customers love enamel and onyx,” Zhang says. “This black base makes diamonds pop and looks great worn with black or neutral clothing — an all-beige or all-white look pops when a grounding accent of black is worn in contrast.”

Go For A Gemstone Pop

Zhang tells TZR, “Pops of colored gems look great when worn with monochrome outfits — it’s a great way to add a subtle sparkle.” As a more stand-out approach to the monochrome jewelry trend, it works well for dressier occasions like a wedding or dinner, whether with your birthstone or a universally beloved stone like sapphire or emerald.

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