20 Minimalist Bathing Suit Brands To Shop If You Prefer To Keep Your *Entire* Wardrobe Simple

Jade Swim

Minimalism is in the eye of the beholder. For you, it may mean a capsule wardrobe just large enough to get you through the week. Or, your approach could simply be to never wear more than two patterns at once. Regardless of how you incorporate the pared-down lifestyle into your own closet, you've probably realized one fact about it pretty early on: Finding minimalist bathing suit brands can be just a tad difficult.

Simply put, there's an intrinsic maximalism to swimwear. The loud tropical prints. The charged-up neon colors. Yes, most swim brands offer up one or two solid styles (at the very least) that fit the minimalist bill — but why limit yourself there?

And you don't have to, thanks to the 20 minimalist swim brands listed below. Fortunately for you, there's a style for every budget, too; whether you're in the mood for a luxe designer piece or just want to pick up a bathing suit next time you're at the mall. You can even get in on the minimalist trend if you prefer shopping small — plenty of indie designers (from all over the globe) have explored the sleeker side of swimwear.

Ahead, the 20 minimalist swim brands that should be on your radar.



You'll love Nanushka's swimwear styles if you're already a fan of the brand's feminine ready-to-wear — although the selection is small, it captures the same structured yet playful aesthetic.


Basic Swim

Unmistakably flirty and modern, there's a fresh-faced energy that runs through Jessie Andrew's brand Basic Swim; it's reminiscent of swimwear you packed on summer vacations years ago.



Andie's welcoming approach to minimalism makes it feel incredibly inclusive: The brand offers simple pieces in a range of solid colors, sizes, and styles.



You may've spotted Galamaar's sleek suits while shopping Madewell's site. Though no one could tell by looking at them, its sustainable swim fabric is made from fishing nets.



RENDL's swim collection offers up the poolside version of a capsule wardrobe: You can mix and match the aquatic basics to create almost endless looks.



Make sure you check out lululemon's summer 2019 swimwear next time you visit. Between the ribbed fabric and basic colorways, it's a minimalist's dream.


Monday Swimwear

Monday Swimwear's lineup feels thoughtfully curated — down to each new colorway the brand adds into its mix.



Similar to its apparel, Reformation balances out relatively louder patterns with classic swim shapes.



A new favorite in the fashion world, Anemone's swoon-worthy swimsuits are quickly amassing a cult following.



Spoiler alert: Not all of Chromat's swimwear is minimalist. (Some pieces are quite the opposite.) However, when the futuristic brand does decide to pare down its suits, take note; the results are worthy of a buy either way.



Founded by the fashion influencer Shea Marie, the Los Angeles swim brand Same offers a feminine (and Instagrammable) version of minimalism.



You may be tempted to style Arak's bathing suits in your day-to-day life, when there's no pool around. (And really, after seeing this black one-piece suit, no one could stop you.)


Mara Hoffman

With the right silhouette, even the boldest pattern can feel minimalist, too. Fortunately for you, Mara Hoffman's swimwear pulls it off.


Nu Swim

You know that too cool, utilitarian style of minimalist decor? Nu Swim is, well, the swim version of that aesthetic.



Shop Skin's bathing suits if you want a timeless piece you can wear day after day, and summer after summer.


Jade Swim

Jade Swim nails easy-to-miss details that help pieces sing, like this suit's tiny bungee-cord straps.



Sustainably made from recycled fabrics, the Spanish swimwear brand Suro's color-blocked pieces resemble modern art.



The Brazilian swim brand Haight is worth the hunt: Find one of its stockists, and you'll find gorgeous, designer swimwear worthy of its price tag.


Pale Swimwear

This indie, Barcelona-based swim brand is one to watch if you like your details razor sharp; it delicately walks the line between vintage inspiration and coastal bohemianism.



What can't Sidway do? By enlarging and spacing out a typically busy design, the Insta-famous swim brand successfully gives this polka-dot piece a modern look.