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6 Pieces You Need To Emulate Matilda Djerf's Style

She’s TikTok’s favorite Scandi-girl.

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Matilda Djerf wearing a mini lime green button-up shirt dress
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If you have an account on Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest, chances are you’ve encountered Matilda Djerf’s content. Djerf influences the style of many, between her flouncy, voluminous blowouts and her effortlessly cool outfits. Since Djerf began posting on the platform in January 2021, followers have obsessed over recreating her iconic blowout and effortless style. She’s even been coined the ‘Swedish Carrie Bradshaw’ due to her impact. She defines Scandi-girl style with her oversized blazers, slouchy trousers, and colorful accessories. While Djerf initially went viral on TikTok for her hair tutorials, followers soon became obsessed with emulating her style. When you boil it down, there are only a few staples you’ll need to recreate Djerf’s outfits.

As a social media editor, I’ve always been aware of Matilda Djerf’s content on Instagram. With 2.1 million followers and her own clothing line, Djerf Avenue, she’s hard to miss. TikTokers have become obsessed with shopping her brand, where she sells simple, well-made basics. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of videos of women unboxing their Djerf Avenue pieces and showing off the impeccable fit and expert tailoring. And I must say, they’re all pretty convincing.

In recent months, I’ve realized my style falls into the ‘Scandi style’ category very well — which is all about comfort and functionality, but also individualism and bright color palettes. Scandinavian women like Djerf have mastered the intersection of minimalism and maximalism, and I’m striving to achieve that same balance.

I try to keep my shopping picks neutral and basic, but sometimes I fall in love with a colorful statement piece. When getting dressed, I tend to start with jeans and a tee shirt, then add something bright and slightly clashing. Even my apartment reflects this approach. My furniture is simple and neutral, but I accessorize with loud colors and funky shapes.

In true Scandi-fashion, I compiled six key items to achieve this effortlessly cool look. BRB while I go spend my entire paycheck at Djerf Avenue... In the meantime, keep scrolling for the staples you’ll need to recreate Matilda Djerf’s style.

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Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers are Matilda Djerf’s go-to. She styles them over mini dresses and with slouchy trousers.

Slouchy Trousers

While I’m not a proponent of any pants lower than high-rise, Djerf’s slouchy trousers could get me on board with mid-rise (nope, still not going to wear low-rise anything).

Mini Handbags

As far as accessories go, Djerf is always carrying a mini bag. While they may not be the most practical, they’re super cute and they force you to evaluate what you really need when leaving the house.

Sweet Sweaters

Djerf opts for sweet knits rather than oversized, thicker sweaters. To truly adapt to Scandi-girl style, try a bold color or a dainty pattern.

Cool Sneakers

For footwear, Djerf is incredibly practical. As a mini sneakerhead myself, I love her minimal yet cool sneaker choices.

Comfy Button-Downs

Button-downs are probably the most prevalent piece on Djerf’s social pages. She has an expansive collection, making me want to venture away from my classic white tee shirts.

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