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I’m Swapping My Blazers For This Chic Jacket Trend

It makes every outfit more ladylike.

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Lady jacket trend
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At the start of the new year, I always have an itch to refresh my wardrobe, to bid adieu to fading trends as I swap in whatever up-and-coming styles will define fashion for the next twelve months. For example: While my trusty blazers have been a faithful standby for some time now, this season, I see them taking a backseat as I embrace a rising silhouette that serves a similar function — the lady jacket. Now don’t get me wrong. A menswear-inspired topper is enduringly timeless, and effortlessly upgrades everything I own, from sweats to denim to LBDs. Yet classic lady jackets, which are having a long overdue resurgence, are well-positioned as perfect (and, dare I say, more compelling?) alternatives to my standard issue blazer.

Perhaps best epitomized by iconic Chanel tweed suits, the lady jacket exudes an undeniable French-girl chic. And as opposed to a longline boyish cut, the fit is more refined and feminine with its collarless, boxy, and cropped shape. It’s also remarkably versatile. It serves the same function as my blazers do, acting as an elegant layering piece — and, as a bonus, it stands on its own as a chic structured top when I button the front. It’s an easy staple to grab without thinking twice and hasn’t failed to upgrade any look I pair it with yet.

Join me in my obsession ahead, where I’ve gathered the designs I’m adding to my closet in 2024.

Pink Cropped Jacket
While this one is so cute with the matching skirt (both pieces are on super-on sale, FYI), it’s also the ultimate match for a pair of faded straight-leg jeans.

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