Style Swatch

by The Zoe Report

Confession: I am a serious junkie for designer mashups. They keep the fashion world on its toes and make me dream of all the sartorial genius’ I would love to work with someday—ahem, Karl Lagerfeld. Back to reality, one merger that deserves some spotlight attention is the American fashion house Rodarte for luxury brand Knoll Luxe, which not long ago yielded an exclusive line of inspiring fabrics, the Knoll Luxe Rodarte Collection.

No stranger to collaborating on a grand scale (read: Target and the Gap), Rodarte designer’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy have an eye for fashionable fusion. Featuring five upholstery and three drapery patterns—all gorgeous—the Knoll Luxe Rodarte Collection is an extension of Rodarte’s established runway influence. The textiles range in many coveted shades, including ice blue, plum, wheat, fawn and royal navy, and are uniquely named after the sisters’ favorite poets. Have a DIY reupholster or drapery job in mind? Inject some Rodarte into the task and you will come out with flying colors. xoRZ

Availability: Knoll Luxe Rodarte Collection (price upon request, 866.565.5858). For additional retailer information, visit Knoll-luxe.com.