The Denim Collab You’re Going To Live In This Summer

We’ve yet to meet a Madewell collab we didn’t love—especially when it involves denim. Somehow we missed the brand’s recent team up with Portland-based line Kiriko, until the inimitable Lynn Yaeger brought it to our attention this week, and now we can’t get the perfectly broken-in, patched up pieces out of our heads. Popular for creating fashion and lifestyle items using centuries-old Japanese denim, specially dyed fabrics and beautiful woven textiles, Kiriko created three denim staples (a shirt, jacket and jeans) in its signature vintage materials. Luckily, the limited edition pieces are still available on Madewell.com with a brand-new collection coming down the pipe this fall.

Click through quickly to shop the limited-edition collection—less than 100 versions of each style were made!

Photo: Kiriko & Madewell