Julianne Hough’s New Mantra Will Get You Through Tomorrow Morning

As her sunny blonde hair and winning smile might imply, Julianne Hough literally emanates light and positivity through her cheery demeanor and warm and welcoming nature. We caught up with the Dancing With The Stars performer-turned-judge at Create + Cultivate’s Speaker Series dinner in LA this past weekend to talk spring style, her brand-new website and why it’s cool to be kind.

Her Favorite Colors For Spring

For spring, Julianne is all about pastels. "I can’t wait to wear color. I usually stick to a very neutral palette, but right now I'm most excited about yellows and oranges."

Holding true to her spring color mantra, we snapped this photo of Julianne in her Monique Lhuillier dress when we sat down with her at the Create + Cultivate's Speaker Series dinner in Los Angeles.

The Style Dare She's Trying For Spring

"Although they're a little intimidating, I recently wore a pair of culottes and feel like they were the perfect way to start the spring season. I like to wear the trend for a nighttime event and dress them up with a great pair of heels."

Julianne in a white-hot culotte jumpsuit at a private dinner honoring Brian Atwood in Los Angeles. Photo: WireImage

Her Favorite Label Of The Moment

"I am loving Solace London—I just wore a black dress from the label to a party before the Oscars. Not only does the collection fit me well (and I never have to get the pieces tailored), but the collection also suits different body types. It's also not crazy-expensive and still super chic."

Julianne at an Academy Awards Nominees Dinner in Los Angeles. Photo: Getty Images

Her Style Inspiration

In addition to citing Sienna Miller and our own EIC, Rachel Zoe, as inspiration, Julianne also takes cues from Internet style stars. "I'm inspired by new bloggers—it's always fun to see what our generation is doing with fashion, namely mixing and matching expensive statement pieces with lower-priced items."

Julianne's fellow Create + Cultivate panelist Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam mixing Ann Taylor with Valentino. Photos: Gal Meets Glam

The Mission For Her New Site

"My objective with the new site is to create a space that feels super authentic, real and attainable. I want readers to feel like they’re going onto their best friend's page and getting cool tips, like an everyday girl's guide to life. It's about how to live an inspiring life—not just what you can buy to look good but how to be a better, more empowered person as well."

Julianne with her trusty pals—her precious pups and her laptop. Photo: JulianneHough.com

How She Hopes To Inspire Others

"I've created my own hashtag, #kindisthenewcool, which came as a result of working closely with the Kind Campaign and their #findkind initiative. Basically it's about finding little ways to be kind—to open the door for someone, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line, give a homeless person water—whatever you think of that makes you think beyond yourself and gives back to others. I also love to share the notion of gratitude. Before I go to bed, I think of 5 things I’m grateful for so I can sleep peacefully at night. I want to inspire others to do the same, because life is so much better when you have gratitude and kindness. Beauty starts from genuine happiness within."

An inspirational quote posted to Julianne's Instagram account. Photo: @juleshough