Jodhpur Pants Were All Over Altuzarra’s Fall Runway

PJ dressing is making a cool comeback.

Nina Westervelt/WWD/Getty Images
Backstage at Altuzarra RTW Fall 2024

The days of bell-bottomed, wide-legged trousers may be numbered if Joseph Altuzarra has anything to do with it. In his latest Fall/Winter 2024 collection — which celebrated his label’s 15th anniversary — the designer displayed all manner of tapered pants. Reminiscent of fashions seen at a European royal’s horse stable in the early 20th century, the bottoms ranged from slim riding leggings to roomy slacks that gathered just so at the ankles. Wedged somewhere in between the two was a surprising star silhouette that stood out as the new trend for 2024: jodhpur pants.

Inspired by a traditional Indian style that was created in the 1800s — and adapted from the ancient churidar trouser — the cashmere design entailed a loose, exaggerated fit at the hips that tightened at the calf and ankles. It seems the key to nailing the pajama-like bottoms is in the elevated separates, and cool neutral colorways, you pair them with. For his presentation, Altuzarra opted for equally billowy items like a flouncy tucked-in sweater with an accordion collar under an oversized mohair coat and topped off with a wool bean-bucket hybrid hat (another trend for fall, perhaps?).

Nina Westervelt/WWD/Getty Images

In one stand out look, the cozy riding bottoms were paired with a boxy leather shearling lined jacket, the same simplistic black footwear and a black and white tote bag. Another moment saw the belted equestrian-inspired pants worn with a white cotton blouse and asymmetrical trench with cape-like detailing.

Seems like chic workwear just took a very comfortable turn for fall and we’re here for it. Don’t be surprised if you start to see jodhpur pants pop up in other cities throughout fashion month. It’s a hot ticket item that’s as versatile as it is cozy — a winning combination.