The 6 Key Pieces I Bought For Winter After Moving To New York

A woman wearing a black turtleneck and a black puffer winter jacket in New York

I’d toyed with the idea of moving to New York since college, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I finally handed over my car keys and kissed the palm tree-lined streets of Los Angeles goodbye. I’d like to say that I was relocating for work, but after spending my entire life in Southern California, it would be more accurate to admit that I’d overstayed my welcome. After learning how to navigate the subway system to my first day of work, figuring out how to dress like a New Yorker in the winter was my biggest source of anxiety.

Come November, all it took was one slip on a patch of ice to prove to me that my fears were well founded. I quickly got to work researching the winter essentials I’d need to survive the colder days ahead, scouring my favorite shopping sites, and scrolling through my Instagram feed for the latest finds, all in addition to pestering my fellow TZR editors. The process also involved some embarrassing google searches (See: "What is a lug sole boot;” “Is wool really that warm?”). After I learned that I should, in fact, invest in a lug sole, and that wool really is that warm, I made a list of what I’d need and began my quest. I’ve gathered the stylish winter essentials I’ve added to my cart so that you can shop them too — now all I have to do is stop accidentally getting on express trains to Brooklyn.

Aidan Macaluso

Puffer Jacket

As a social media editor, it’s literally my job to scan instagram for the latest trends. So, when I kept seeing oversized puffer jackets (and specifically Aritzia's Super Puff) popping up in my feed again and again, I figured they must be worth the hype. Not only is the Aritzia jacket warm, but it’s water-proof (I learned the hard way that most puffers aren’t).

Chunky Knits

You can never have too many sweaters, and I’m obsessed with finding a chunky knit for layering. The ribbed hem of Doen's sweater hits right at the waist, making it easy to pair with midi skirts and high-rise trousers. Finding a sweater that is thick without being overly bulky has been key for me.

Lug Sole Boots

I’ve quickly realized that my heeled ankle boots are no match for the snow, and at the risk of another wipeout, have sought out a sturdier pair with a lug sole. My ideal pair plays into this season’s popular hiking boot trend while still being streamlined enough for everyday wear.

A Go-To Coat

Securing the perfect coat involved a bit of trial and error. I’ve realized that I prefer menswear-inspired styles over more tailored silhouettes — I find that they allow for more layering and are generally more comfortable.

Tech-Friendly Gloves

While gloves are an obvious purchase, it’s imperative to find a pair that is both chic and tech-friendly. Having a pair of beautiful leather gloves is useless if you have to take them off every time you try and use your phone, trust me.

Blanket Scarves

While I’ve always opted for scarves in the winter, I’ve certainly gotten more strategic since moving. I now solely wear hefty blanket styles that I can easily wrap around my face to combat the wind chill.