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These Fleece Jacket Outfits Are Comfortable Yet Elevated

Upgrade your snuggliest outerwear.

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Everything in fashion is cyclical. I was reminded of this factoid when I was lining my wishlist with fleece jackets, and I had a flashback to a bright orange North Face style from my elementary school days. While, thankfully, my taste has evolved since then, one element of my style has remained the same: I will not sacrifice comfort for a trend. That said, fleece jacket outfits are the perfect combination of cozy and stylish, and the newest renditions of the snuggly style have me giddy about fall dressing.

Outfit formulas — or as I like to call them, “outfit recipes” — are super important to me. My go-tos are combinations that I always feel at ease in; and therefore, I look my best in, too. Additionally, they help me stay focused when I shop so I don’t end up making impulse purchases that I’ll never actually wear.

For example, I love finding different way to wear a dress with sneakers. The pairing is easy, comfortable, and can be adapted for most weather conditions. To transition this look from summer to fall, I add a light jacket or a sweater. This season, I’m beyond excited to add a fleece jacket into the mix. Not only is it super cozy, but I feel like the pairing of a casual jacket with a dress gives major Scandi-girl vibes. At its core, Scandinavian style revolves around ease and utility. Wearing a jacket that’s typically worn in athletic settings over a dress embodies effortless style.

If your style vibe this fall is also about upgrading your cozy pieces, look no further and shop the fleece-centric looks I’ll be living in all season.

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Dress & Sneakers ‘Fit

My friends and family can attest that I LOVE a dress and sneakers outfit (as I already mentioned before). Whenever I’m stuck getting dressed, it’s the look I can easily fall back on. When the temperature drops, I love the combo with a fleece jacket — it’s just the right blend of cool, comfy, and chic.

Let The Fleece Do The Talking

If you also hate covering your cute outfit with a bulky, black coat, you’ve come to the right place. Statement jackets make me feel excited to leave my apartment throughout the colder months. I love pairing my bold jackets with simple pieces to let the design take center stage. It’s a great way to look classic, while still showing off your personal style.

Vested Interest

I always forget about vests until I come across an Instagram post with the cutest vest outfit I’ve ever seen — and, suddenly, I need to have one. Right now, I’m loving this pairing of a fleece vest with what is typically considered a summer dress. The warmth from the fleece helps to transition this dress into cooler fall temperatures. The simple black clogs keep this look lowkey — I’d probably wear it for a day of errands or out to coffee with friends.

All About The Accessories

Up until I saw this TikTok, I never thought about pairing a fleece with a Chanel bag. This outfit shows off the true versatility of this jacket style. It’s understated enough to wear with leggings, but still works with a designer bag (high-low dressing at its finest). I also appreciate that this outfit incorporates the Birkenstock Boston trend, in case you may have purchased a pair recently and have run out of ways to style them.

Keeping It Athletic

While I enjoy putting together pieces for heading into the office or going out for drinks, no wardrobe is complete without some good athletic looks. Instead of throwing a sweatshirt over your workout attire and calling it a day, try incorporating a fleece jacket or pullover. While you’d still be as toasty as you would in a sweatshirt, the finished effect looks like you put in a lot more effort than you actually did.