Fashion Week: Q&A with Marc Jacobs

by The Zoe Report

Moving right along to the second installment of my Fashion Week Q&As, I have an extra special interview to share with you today: Marc Jacobs! For realz! Despite his insane schedule leading up to his runway shows—both of his eponymous lines, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, will be presented in New York next week—he did me a favor as my cherished friend and took time to answer a few questions exclusively for The Zoe Report. Keep reading for an insider’s view into the brain of one of fashion’s most influential players…and don’t forget to check Style.com next week for a full look at his Fall/Winter 2011 collections! xoRZ

RZ: With three prominent fashion labels on your repertoire—Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton—you are an untouchable force in the fashion industry…how do you balance it all? MJ: Do I balance it? News to me…

RZ: How does your design process differ from one of your lines vs. the others? Do you have a different woman in mind for each label? MJ: I’m schizophrenic—no problem switching gears.

RZ: I am completely mesmerized by your spring collection for your main line, Marc Jacobs—’70s glam perfection—what was your inspiration behind the collection? MJ: The hedonistic disco days that I loved so much!

RZ: You obviously have an amazing fashion sense, which is reflected both in your own wardrobe and multiple labels—what advice would you give to my readers of The Zoe Report for finding their own personal style? MJ: If it feels good—do it!

RZ: This spring, every girl needs a _________________. MJ: Lot more!

RZ: The Marc Jacobs empire is ever-expanding. What can we expect next? MJ: Who knows…THOUGHTS? HA HA HA.

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